Stadia News: FIFA 22 Crossplay Now Live, Overcooked + Elemental War 2 This Week

In a blog post earlier today, Stadia highlighted the May 5th launch of Overcooked! All You Can Eat from Team 17, and revealed that it will include a new 30-minute Click to Play Trial. Plus, on Friday Elemental War 2 from Clockwork Origins launches on the Stadia store.

And in case you missed it — FIFA 22 cross-platform play is now live on Stadia!

New Games + May Pro additions

On May 5th, Overcooked! All You Can Eat launches on the Stadia store with co-op cooking chaos, alongside special promo pricing: 15% off for all players ($33.99 USD) and 20% off for Pro subscribers ($31.99 USD).

Friday, May 6th, Elemental War 2 launches for $19.99 USD with developer Clockwork Origins integrating support for Crowd Choice, allowing YouTube live stream viewers to vote on the player’s next action.

Check out our interview with Daniel from Clockwork Origins.

And ICYMI, 4 new titles launched on Stadia Pro on May 1. Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles, OUTRIDERS, PAW Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls and Kaze and the Wild Masks are now available for Stadia Pro subscribers to claim!

Free 30 min trial for Overcooked!

If you are interested in trying Overcooked! All You Can Eat you are in luck. A click to play the full game 30 minute trial will be available at launch. No Stadia account necessary, just jump in-game at

As of May 5th, there will be 14 game trials available to try on Stadia. Click to Play Trials are currently being tested, with plans to roll out availability to all Stadia partners for their games this year.

New expansion for Risk of Rain 2 is coming soon!

Embrace The Void as it overtakes Petrichor V in Risk of Rain 2’s newest expansion – Survivors of the Void! New survivors, monsters, stages, and a new class of items have arrived to help you kick the crabs back to their dimension.

Play the new expansion by purchasing Survivors of the Void on the Stadia store at the same time as other console platforms from the team at Gearbox Publishing. If you’re new to Risk of Rain 2 and prefer to try the full game beforehand, you’re in luck – play 60 mins within a trial of the base game at no cost, even without needing a Stadia account!

Destiny 2: Guardian Games 2022

Warm up and then set high scores in the competitive strike playlist or play in a variety of activities to help your class climb the podium. Earn rewards like the new SMG, Exotic ship, cosmetics, and more. Ready to get dressed for the Closing Ceremonies? Eververse is ready to make your armor glow.

Earn medallions by completing certain activities and mini quests called Contender Cards and Platinum Cards. Guardian Games 2022 is available now for all Destiny 2 players, running until May 24.


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