Ryan's Rescue Squad review

Reviewed by Carmelo Cianciotta

Outright Games known for their child friendly games are at it again. Outright Games has brought television series and movies to life for gamers. I have played every single Outright Game released to date and was excited to see the progress they have made. Outright Games has come a long way and their games only seem to be getting better with each release.

Ryan already has a few racing games out that were actually quite fun. In Ryan’s Rescue Squad we take the role of a Superhero to save our friends who have been kidnapped! Oh no! With four different Worlds to visit each containing five levels, grab your cape and get ready for action!

Ryan's Rescue Squad Details

Platforms: Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC

Reviewed on: Google Stadia

Developers:  Stage Clear Studios

Publishers:  Outright Games

Genre: Side scrolling, 2.5D platformer

Modes: Single player, multiplayer co-op

ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Fun for All

Keeping in mind the target audience of this game is children it is still rather enjoyable as an adult. We have the ability to play alone or co-op with a friend. In Ryan’s Rescue Squad we have to collect sun tokens that are placed throughout the levels which allows us to purchase clothing from the store for our characters. We also collect surprise eggs, and R token’s each level has a set amount.
Ryan’s Rescue Squad has simple controls with lots of instructions for players. For example, the first time you unlock slime balls to use a board in game has a picture on how to use them. Ryan’s Rescue squad also features enemies in levels instead of the typical OG game where you just collect items, it was a nice touch.

Different Worlds of Fun

Each World in Ryan’s Rescue Squad has five levels, a bonus mini game level, and you won’t believe this is a boss battle! We start off in Toy World. Hands down my favourite world was the prehistoric world due to being able to ride a cute Dinosaur. Pirate World was also well down. I loved swimming underwater, it kept the game interesting.
Ryan’s Rescue Squad is packed with different items to use while in levels from slime to barrels which has a Donkey Kong Country vibe to it. Although Ryan’s Rescue Squad is short and can be fully completed in four hours or so, it still packs the right amount of fun. Each level has a different feel and gets a little more challenging as you progress through the game.

Ryan's Rescue Squad is one of Outright Games' best games to date

Outright Games has brought us many games to date; however, this is one of their best titles. Ryan’s Rescue Squad feels polished and well put together. Although this game is geared towards children, I feel like most adults would also enjoy it as it’s relaxing to play.
Playing split screen co-op is also a blast. I made it my personal mission to collect every egg I could find. At the end of each world if you find a puzzle piece it unlocks a mini game to play. I absolutely loved each one. It was also a chance to collect more sun tokens. Outright Games has come a long way and seems to be getting better with each game release.
Even if you’re not a fan of Ryan I recommend you play this game especially if you have kids. Go and save your friends, you Superheroes!


  • Levels have enemies which makes the game more challenging
  • Lots of items to collect such as surprise eggs, sun tokens, and R Tokens
  • Boss Battles are a nice touch
  • Different playable characters


  • Game is short under 4 hours
  • I experienced an achievement glitch on Xbox ( OG Games Looking into it)


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