Crossfire X review on Xbox Series X

Reviewed by Carmelo Cianciotta

When loading up Crossfire X I had little to no knowledge about the game and was prepared to experience it with an open mind. All I knew was Crossfire X was a shooter, which I generally like. Will Crossfire X bring us a marksman of a title? Or will it be like a jammed firearm, something no one wants. Once I started the game, I was greeted with a polished menu with tons of options that got me really excited, as I took it for a good sign.

Crossfire X Details

Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Reviewed on: Xbox Series X

Developers:  Remedy Entertainment, Smilegate, Xbox Game Studios, Smilegate Entertainment, Inc.

Publishers:  Smilegate, Smilegate West, Xbox Game Studios

Genre: First-person shooter, Adventure game

ESRB Rating: M (Mature 17+)

I always start games in campaign mode for several reasons. I am able to get the feel of the game usually through tutorials and prepare myself for online combat. Campaign mode in Crossfire X is a huge disappointment in so many ways. Crossfire X was beaten in just over an hour for me which is really short even for shooter standards. Levels felt the same and felt unpolished.

Visuals that miss the mark

Crossfire X feels like a game from the past. With a console like Xbox Series X, I imagined this game would look amazing, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Despite just being released it's already decades behind in terms of visuals. 

Aim, shoot, misfire

Controls are easy to grasp as they’re similar to other shooters which makes learning how to play easy. While playing I experienced several movement glitches. Shooting feels sloppy and has an overall unpolished feel. When you melee an enemy in story mode they all fall down the same way each time and it looks rather silly, it gave me a good chuckle. Crossfire X doesn’t do anything well, however it’s a good starting point to build on for the franchise.

Crossfire X is the Xbox exclusive that looked promising but turned out to be nothing like the trailer I viewed after playing the game. I am surprised Crossfire X was released in this state as it’s pretty clear it needs more time and polish.

Crossfire X final thoughts

With time and polish Crossfire X has the potential to give other shooters a run for their money. However, in its current state it’s like firing a gun with no rounds. It’s almost insulting to have to pay for campaign mode due to the length and how repetitive it is.

Playing multiplayer as part of game pass you should at least try but beyond that I would holster this game into its case. I will give Crossfire X another try if they release another game in the future as they can only build on from here. For now, clear up your backlog and skip this title. Sorry Crossfire X maybe next time.


  • It has the potential to be something good with work


  • Game lacks polish and feels like it’s in beta testing
  • For Being on Xbox Series X the graphics are mediocre at best
  • Story mode is short and feels the same all the way through
  • Maps are very plain and basic
  • Several movement glitches