Where Cards Fall review

Reviewed by Ian Matties

Have you ever seen those towers that people build out of playing cards where they try to see how high they can build? Keep that image in your mind as you prepare to explore Where Cards Fall.

Where Cards Fall originally released in 2019 for Apple Arcade, where it received multiple awards. Now it is coming to Nintendo Switch, Steam and the Epic Games Store where it will be able to find a whole new audience.

Where Cards Fall Details:

  • Platform(s): Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Epic Games Store
  • Reviewed on: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: The Game Band
  • Publisher: Snowman
  • Genre(s): Puzzle, Adventure, Indie
  • Mode: Single-player
  • ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+)

A Deck of Many Challenges

As you play through Where Cards Fall you will work your way through over 50 stages, each represented by a card from a deck of cards. You will use the available card towers to navigate your way to the exit. There are several different types of card towers available and these are displayed on the back of the cards available in each stage.

The platforming sections seem quite rudimentary as in order to actually use your jump or climbing abilities you have to stand in the exact spot where it can be used. I occasionally struggled while trying to get lined up correctly in order for the jump or climb to work.

A Minimalist Menu

The menu only contains 5 options that are displayed as pictures. The options, clockwise from the bottom left are: settings, controls, level select, hint and restart level. I had some trouble early in the game, as I accidentally went back to the beginning of the game when I didn’t mean to. 

The hint option will tell you the next tower to build unless you have to navigate your character somewhere, then it will tell you the current required towers to get to your next safe platform. On a couple of occasions I accidentally restarted a level when attempting to ask for a hint. There is a short cool down after asking for a hint, giving you time to try and figure out the next move on your own without having immediate access to another hint.

A Collection of Short Vignettes

Where Cards Fall’s story is told through short vignettes that are not necessarily told in chronological order. These story moments give us glimpses into the character’s lives that may not always end neatly, but gently flow into the next puzzle.

At the end of these story moments the character movement feels slow and sluggish as you navigate yourself to the exit. It would have felt better if your character moved at the same speed here as they do in the puzzles.

Final Verdict

Where Cards Fall is a fun and challenging puzzle adventure. While the character movement leaves something to be desired, the puzzles are well crafted and will keep you going for several hours.


  • Challenging Puzzles
  • Immersive Audio


  • Awkward Controls
  • Minimalist Menus