Q-Games obtains ownership of The Tomorrow Children

Q-Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment have come to an agreement on the ownership of the PS4 cult hit The Tomorrow Children. Dylan Cuthbert and the team at Q-Games now have full ownership of the IP that they created.  

The Tomorrow Children was originally released by SIE almost exactly five years ago as a free to play online title. The game showcased an unorthodox rendering technology called Voxel Cone Tracing, large scale cooperative gameplay and a futuristic world setting. Despite having a large number of fans worldwide, the game was taken offline just one year later and has not been playable by the public ever since. 

Q-Games will now be working hard to rebuild The Tomorrow Children and bring it back. Q-Games will be documenting and giving development updates as they bring The Tomorrow Children back. You can sign up for updated HERE and will be sent regular updates on the status of the game.

About The Tomorrow Children

When an ambitious Soviet experiment designed to unite the minds of all humanity goes horribly wrong, almost all life on Earth disappears instantly, leaving the whole planet enveloped in “the Void”, a milky viscous sea of nothing that stretches for as far as the eye can see. 

Years later, a handful of survivors begin to rebuild civilization, but their endeavours are hampered by “the Izverg”, giant beasts formed from the residue of negativity and nightmares that now roam the land. Fortunately, engineers discover the ability to develop “projection clones” – new life forms capable of venturing deep into the Void in search of preserved human DNA. It is with these clones that mankind begins the long journey back to its former glory… 

Key Features

  • Malleable freeform terrain. Use tools to dig holes, build stairs, or just blast the world apart
  • Large scale multiplayer co-operative play 
  • Construct buildings, turrets, tesla towers, and even potted plants, to personalize your town the way  you want it 
  • Fight creatures ranging from tiny spiders in dark caves to enormous marauding Kaiju
  • Defend your town from attack with rocket launchers, turrets, and tanks!
  • Use Void Powers to instantly create or carve terrain 
  • Explore over 40 surreal landscapes to discover treasure, resources and mysterious creatures 
  • Experience a richly imagined Neo-Soviet alternative future 
  • Drink Voidka and give your character unique perks 
  • Restore the population of the world!