Intellivision Amico news and updates

Today, Intellivision announced several tidbits of interesting news in regards to their upcoming family friendly console the Amico. Let's take a look at some exciting and juicy Amico news!

Intellivision FAQ page updated

Over the past recent months there has been a lot of misinformation regarding the Amico and Intellivision. To resolve this, Intellivision has updated the FAQ page on their website. This was done to ensure that everyone has the latest and most accurate information on Amico. Check out the updated FAQ and learn more about Intellivision and the Amico here:

New Amico deep-dive series of videos

To help showcase upcoming Amico games, Intellivision CEO Tommy Tallarico has started a series of Amico deep-dive videos on the Intellivision YouTube channel. The first of these series of videos is Intellivision Tank Battle. This comprehensive early look goes into great depth of the game and some of the design choices made. 

You can expect videos in this series to offer a comprehensive look at individual Amico titles, providing viewers with history, insight, tips and tricks about gameplay. Next up in the series is a deep-dive of Astrosmash!

Amico production has begun

The biggest news out of the Intellivision headquarters today is the announcement that pre-production has completed and formal production of Amico consoles has begun. Focus is being placed on initial launch units that will first ship to customers as soon as possible. 

Eager Amico fans can expect to have more accurate shipping formation by the end of the year.