Google Workspace Apps launch on the Atari VCS

Today, Atari announced that Atari VCS owners can take advantage of the system’s desk-to-living room versatility with easy access to Gmail, Calendar, Slides, Sheets, Docs, and Drive — all accessible right from the Atari VCS dashboard — and controllable with the Atari VCS Companion app or a traditional mouse and keyboard.

The Atari VCS is the only video game system that comes with Chrome built-in and offers gamers, tinkerers, casual users, and PC enthusiasts alike a unique experience. If allows you to work or play right from the couch and with some of the latest and greatest indie gaming options in the Atari Store, libraries of classic favorites via the Atari Vault, retro games, and Antstream Arcade, plus simple access to the most popular streaming services for television, movies, music, and cloud gaming. 

Additionally the Atari VCS is now shipping to Canada. You can place your order at and you'll be able to pay for shipping and customs all in one spot.