FIFA 22 review on Stadia

Reviewed by Carmelo Cianciotta

Soccer, or should I say football, is one of the world’s most popular and favourite sports. Stadiums fill up and the passion of the game fills the fans. Although I am not a huge soccer fan, which upsets a lot of people due to me being Italian, I still enjoy FIFA. Starting FIFA 22 brought great excitement as some of the first images are a nice warm cup of espresso, my absolute favourite. We begin to customize our look and head out the door for our next adventure.

FIFA 22 starts you off with some drills where you can learn the basics. Here you can get back into the basic mechanics of the game. Once complete we are taken to the main menu where we can choose what mode to play. I also chose the “Classic” controller settings as I am more comfortable playing with these.

FIFA 22 Details

  • Platform(s): Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC
  • Reviewed on: Stadia
  • Developer(s): EA Vancouver, EA Romania
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Genre(s): Soccer video game, Simulation Game
  • Mode(s): Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
  • ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Shot on Goal!

FIFA 22 looks absolutely fantastic and definitely has the next generation look. With the addition of “Hyper Motion” it adds to the game play in big ways. Hyper Motion added over 4,000 new animations and in-game life-like movement. For example, taking a strong pass and losing balance. FIFA 22 in terms of gameplay is one of the most fluid I have played since the franchise has started.

FIFA 22 players look life-like with great detail done to their faces, in fact it’s so good I can tell the players apart without looking at their numbers.


Make Some Noise

While playing FIFA 22 the announcers are absolutely brilliant and bring in some energy with excitement. Stadiums have a great atmosphere, when you score a goal at home the screen begins to shake and the noise is incredible. Home advantage has never felt so vibrant.

Career Mode

This is my favourite mode that I spend the most time on. For FIFA 22 you can choose to be a manager or a player. Each role obviously enough is vastly different. I tried both and enjoyed being a manager more. I enjoy building dynasty’s, scouting, and day to day duties. As a manager several tasks await you to improve your club, you can even play in games if you desire. Also, the ability to simulate is available, what’s great about this is you can enter the game at any time to take over.

Being a player is fun, I love the thrill of scoring and trying to improve my character. In FIFA 22 this mode is done well, it seems EA has a good handle on this franchise. FIFA 22 features so many leagues and teams to choose from. My personal favourite Seria A I have always been an Inter Milan fan.

For the first time in the FIFA series this year brings something different. In FIFA 22 you can actually create a team from top to bottom with the ability to customize almost everything. Menus in career mode appear to be cleaner and easier to navigate which is a huge plus.

Does FIFA 22 score or hit the post?

EA has done a great job with FIFA 22 as they make strides in the right direction. Even if you’re not a die-hard football fan you will still enjoy taking the field. FIFA 22 has actually made me more into soccer, which is great and something new to enjoy. AI has improved dramatically compared to other years. I struggled at times to play, but then again, I am no Ronaldo on the field.

Improved Career mode was a good addition, I am actually to see this happen for FIFA 22. As I mentioned before the visuals are absolutely stunning, with the next generation feeling it is worth the upgrade to FIFA 22. EA Sports is on the right track, momentum is going in the right direction for this franchise.

FIFA 22 is a must play for a fan of any sport. I am not as familiar with soccer as I am with American Football so there are still learning curves for me. I am still learning the rules, transfers, and how to successfully build a dynasty. Lace up those cleats and hit the field for some soccer fun.


  • Career mode feels new and polished
  • Hyper Motion which improves game play
  •  Looks great with a real stadium feel


  • Microtransactions are the only way to be competitive