Back 4 Blood review

Reviewed by Carmelo Cianciotta

Back 4 Blood is an all-new series with a familiar look and feel to it. When the creators who made a similar game called Left 4 Dead departed, they started this franchise. With lots of weapons to choose from and non-stop action, get ready to fight off zombies to survive each level as it gets more difficult.

Back 4 Blood Details

  • Platform(s): Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4,  Xbox One and PC
  • Reviewed on:  Xbox Series X
  • Developer(s): Turtle Rock Studios
  • Publisher(s): Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Genre(s): First-person shooter, Survival horror
  • Mode(s): Single-player, online multiplayer 
  • ESRB Rating:  M (Mature 17+)

Choose Wisely

When starting Back 4 Blood you are given a chance to choose your character before you go into battle. It’s important to look at special traits each character has and to pick one that fits your play style. When the game starts, you are placed in a “Safe Room” where you can choose weapons to your liking and check out your players abilities and possible upgrades. Once you are ready for action get ready and open the door!

Back 4 Blood looks fantastic, Turtle Rock studios did an amazing job. Back 4 Blood is extremely fast paced, enemies will come at you from every direction thankfully you have some partners to help you out. Throughout the levels you can find ammo, money that is used to upgrade weapons; this is a must to make sure you’re packing the best fire power, and health kits.


Each character is equipped with the following slots: A primary weapon, Secondary weapon, Support item (Bandage, med kits), Offensive item (Grenade, pipe bomb, flashbang, etc), Quick accessory item (Stun gun, defibrillator, tool kit).

In order to survive it is extremely important the team does not hold the same items and keeps a diversified arsenal. Experiment and choose what works well for you to ensure your success in the war zone.

Non-Stop Attack

Back 4 Blood constantly keeps us on our toes by keeping us busy throughout the levels with different enemies to battle. Be sure to pay attention to your other squad mates to review them and share ammo, you need all the help that is available or else you will be zombie food. I personally jumped a few times as I will admit being caught off guard and laughing to myself that I was spooked by a game.

Back 4 Blood is broken up into four acts which each act having a specific number of levels within. A total of 33 action packed levels are at your disposal to enjoy. Back 4 Blood is a decently long game; it can take approximately 11 hours to beat the main story mode, which adds great value to the game.

Co-op play is extremely fun, I enjoyed playing with friends as we took on levels and got mad at each other when we died. Just as good friends do the session was filled with friendly trash talking. With hours of entertainment from this game it’s a crowd pleaser.

Your mission in Back 4 Blood is simply to kill zombies, search for survivors, and bring safety to all. I forgot to mention the “Zombies” do have a name they are called the “Ridden”. 

Final Verdict

Overall, Back 4 Blood is a must play. It is not perfect, but it’s the start of something that can be great. I am really excited to see where this franchise goes, Turtle Rock Studios should be proud of what they made. Playing on Xbox Series X, Back 4 Blood looks fantastic. Great detail was placed into the Ridden and level design. I have not enjoyed a survival shooter game this much in a while. With so many weapons and upgrades to choose from adds even more value.

Back 4 Blood never gives us rest, it's constantly coming at us, the only place you can relax is in the “Safe Rooms”. Grab some friends and get ready to work as a team to take on the dreadful Ridden. I enjoyed it so much it's worth a replay, using a different character. 

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  • Fast paced fun
  • Great with friends or a team
  • Lots of weapons to choose from


  • AI is mostly useless and terrible when playing alone
  • Xbox Live is required even to play alone
  • No Solo play