Skyclimbers Alpha and Early Access pushed back

In a project update email and post sent out to backers today, Paratope announced that the multiplayer city building action RPG Skyclimbers Early Access has been delayed until 2022 and the Alpha has been pushed back to Q4 2021. The developer had the following to say about the delays:

"We've done our best to maintain transparency about development progress through the public Roadmap which will continue to be updated through Alpha. We are still wrapping up the last few rounds of Pre-alpha and as a result had to make this decision in an effort to bring backers a more feature-complete, polished Alpha. Thanks to all of your support, Paratope is fully funded through 2022 without any external publishers or investors. Therefore we can continue to maintain build quality as our top priority, and take the time needed to polish the game. In the words of the great Shigeru Miyamoto, "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." We thank you for your patience, and promise to deliver a great game."

While delays are always disappointing, it is good to see that Paratope is taking the extra time needed to deliver on their promise. Other updates include an official launcher, 4 new additions to the development team and development updates. You can read the entire post here.