Paranormal Adventure Echo Generation creeps on to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows on October 21st.

by Ian Matties

Revealed in the 2020 Xbox Games Showcase Echo Generation, Toronto developer Cococumber’s turn based adventure game is set to arrive exclusively on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Game Pass and Game Pass for PC on Thursday, October 21st. 

In Echo Generation you play as a gang of kids who investigate the supernatural occurrences in their home of Maple Town while on summer vacation. As Dylan and his friends prepare to shoot their film “Alien Skin Eaters” a mysterious object crashes into nearby cornfields and all over town strange things start to happen. None of the adults seem to notice anything so the kids decide to figure out what is going on for themselves.

Inspired by classic coming-of-age files and horror novels from the 80’s and 90’s Echo Generation is full of nostalgia for those unforgettable summers. The music also helps to create the creepy and vibrant atmosphere throughout Maple Town. Xbox Series X users will also get to experience the game in 4K resolution and 60fps.

At launch Echo Generation will have English language support with more languages to follow post-launch.

For more information about Echo Generation please visit the game’s official website, and follow Cococucumber on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.