Outriders developer talks about future updates on Stadia

Early today in the Outriders subreddit, developer People Can Fly provided patch notes for the latest patch released for the game. It's been a while since anything has been said from the developer in regards to the Stadia version of the game, some even speculated that the developer abandoned the game on Stadia.

However, today we learned that's is not the case. As shown below, today, People Can Fly acknowledged that the Stadia version of Outriders still needs to be brought up to date and inline with the other platforms, including crossplay support. The developer noted that instead of releasing a series of smaller updates, a "big update" will be released for Stadia. Unfortunately, there was no timeline given.   

State of Stadia

  • Stadia still needs to be brought in line with other platforms with regards to fixes, bug resolutions and crossplay support.
  • We are planning to complete this alignment with the upcoming big update that Outriders is planned to receive in future. By "big update" we do not mean a smaller patch, but significant changes across the board. The work it has taken to align Stadia to date means that such a bigger update is the best possible way to resolve the situation.
  • We appreciate that this work is taking longer than expected and do apologize for this