NHL 22 Shines a Light on its Superstars with New Modes

Today, EA SPORTS has released new information on how Superstar X-Factors work across all of NHL 22’s different modes. Here are a few key details to know about the modes in NHL 22: 

Superstar X-Factors in Modes: 

  • Hockey Ultimate Team: Power-up items that start players off with one X-Factor ability and let them unlock abilities as they progress
  • World of CHEL: Play in any World of Chel Mode to unlock X-Factor Abilities to assign to your customized player
  • Be a Pro: Earn and equip X-Factor abilities to shape players and advance their pro career
  • Franchise Mode: New X-Factor reports allow scouting of both pro and amateur X-Factors. X-Factors contribute to line chemistry, influence trade values of players and are integrated with Fog of War.

New Mode Features:

  • Hockey Ultimate Team: Introducing customizable synergies—unlock and choose synergies for upgradeable players to maximize the ultimate team’s performance. 
  • World of CHEL: 
  • Customize Player Classes: More tools to fine tune your playing style by being able to adjust attribute points as well as topping it off with powerful X-Factor Abilities
  • Revamped World of CHEL Hub: Access game modes, player customization, clubs, rewards, challenges and stats more quickly than ever in a completely new hub.
  • New Party Flow: Invite friends and hang out anywhere in the World of CHEL Hub. Migrate from one game mode to another without having to party up again. 
  • EASHL Club Arenas: If a player’s EASHL Club has a custom arena, it’ll be your home base in the World of CHEL Hub.
  • Be a Pro: New multi-season storylines and challenges offer longer term goals like building a dynasty early in a player’s career like Sidney Crosby, or winning consecutive Cups on different teams like Patrick Maroon. 
  • Franchise Mode: Celebrating the arrival of the Seattle Kraken, players can now have an expansion draft for the 33rd NHL team. 

In addition, tune into the NHL 22 In-Depth content series on October 4th and 6th where we will dive deeper into Be a Pro, Franchise Mode and Hockey Ultimate Team. 

NHL 22 will be available on Oct. 15, 2021 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.