Little Big Workshop on Stadia Bugged Workers Workaround

Little Big Workshop was added as a Stadia Pro game earlier this month. As such more gamers have gotten their hands on the game and have begun to play it for the first time (Checkout our first look at Little Big Workshop on Stadia). Stadia Reddit moderator, OriginalPenguin94, reported an issue several days ago with the game noting that "Occasionally you'll have a worker get stuck, but as your factory gets bigger, they'll all get stuck simultaneously". 

After sending an email to Mirage Game Studios and Massive Miniteam to make them aware of the issue, earlier today he got a response back. It appears as if tweaks were made to Little Big Workshop console releases to help with this issue. However, the Stadia version of the game has not yet received these tweaks. 

In the meantime, Mirage Game Studios and Massive Miniteam suggest saving and reloading the game. Hopefully the Stadia version of Little Big Workshop will see these tweaks soon to alleviate the problem. 


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