Important information for Stadia gamers using iOS 15

Earlier today, a Reddit post, from Stadia Community Manager Grace Yang, advised those playing Stadia on a device with iOS 15 using a mobile connection may need to make changes to Safari settings in order to play.  

"Hi everyone, if you're playing Stadia on a device with iOS 15, and you are playing on a mobile data connection, you might need to make an adjustment to your Safari settings in order to successfully launch games on Stadia. Take a look at the stickied comment for a link to the instructions."

Additionally, the Stadia support page for iOS users has been updated with instructions on what iOS 15 users will need to change if they are experiencing issues launching games. In the past few weeks, several Reddit posts reported issues using Stadia on iOS 15 beta. With today's official launch of iOS 15, Google provided a resolution for the issues some gamers are encountering. 


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