How to make Ark Survival on Stadia run and look better

Gem, YouTube Stadia content creator, put out a video earlier this morning with some pretty amazing revelations on how you can get Ark Survival on Stadia running and looking better. By using a keyboard and mouse you can open up a console in the game and make changes such as unlocking the framerate and enhancing graphics.

Hopefully this leads to the developers unlocking these options without having to use the console in a future update. Check out Gem's video below for all the details.

And, thanks to Christopher Klay on reddit for supplying a list of even more commands that you can use to further enhance your Ark experience on Stadia.


stat fps

t.maxfps 60

SetGraphicsQuality 100

sg.ViewDistanceQuality 100

sg.PostProcessQuality 100

sg.TextureQuality 100

sg.ResolutionQuality 100

sg.TrueSkyQuality 100

sg.ShadowQuality 100

sg.EffectsQuality 100

sg.TextureQuality 100

sg.GroundClutterQuality 100

sg.IBLQuality 100

sg.HeightFieldShadowQuality 100