From Space demo gameplay on Google Stadia

Come check out as NinjaGuy X and myself 4ScarrsGaming  playthrough the From Space demo on Google Stadia. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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From Space

Developers: Triangle Studios

Publisher: Triangle Studios

Release Date: Q4, 2021 / Q1 2022

From Space is an online co-op game where you and a squad of friends take on the challenge of liberating the Earth from a brain-hungry infestation. Explore the world and help the human resistance regain ground against the invaders, improving skills and building your arsenal of weapons as you explore every corner of this post-apocalyptic world.


  • On-line, co-op. Till you drop.
  • Satisfying progression through perks that change the way you play.
  • Endless hordes of pink, brain-hungry aliens to destroy.
  • Over-the-top weaponry so satisfying you won’t stop playing.
  • Customize your character, make your squad unique.
  • Much, much more to come!