EA Sports gives an extended look at NHL 22

by Ian Matties

EA Sports today offered an extended look at the upcoming NHL 22. This all-new gameplay video features over 25 minutes of overhead gameplay as well as questions answered by two of the gameplay producers Ben Ross and Tyson Sawatzki.

There are many gameplay improvements coming this year including these and more:

New Depth to Passing and Puck Receptions: this will really extend the skill gap in competitive play as players will pay attention to the strength and accuracy of their passes as well as the reception of those passes.

Stick in Physics Add Depth and Realism to Puck Possession and Battles for Contested Pucks: players will be able to more efficiently use strength and body position to their advantage which will help in the fight for position and puck possession.

All New Deflection System: if you can master your hand eye coordination you can make goalies’ lives difficult with a new system that will all subtle controller inputs to deflect the puck over a waiting glove or more skillfully to pivot and pull the puck back to get the goalie out of position.

Following the NHL 22 Closed Technical Test they have also made improvements to Passing/Pickups/Receptions, AI, Physics, Goalies, Shooting, Skating and more.

For more information on the improvements coming to NHL 22 you can check out EA’s posting about the improvements.

Also, you can check out this over 75 minute video featuring the full audio from Ben Ross and Tyson Sawatzki’s conversation: 

Look for more news on NHL 22 as the game releases on October 15, 2021 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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