EA and DICE Announce Dates for Battlefield 2042’s Open Beta

Electronic Arts and DICE today revealed that the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta will be available on October 8 on all supported platforms. Players who pre-ordered the game can jump in two days early on October 6. PC and next-gen console players will receive a first-hand experience of playing the new, epic 128-player battles (64 players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) through Conquest’s large-scale game mode, and will fight for control of key objective points on the Orbital map. 

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Duration

  • Duration: October 5-10, 2021 
  • Oct 5: Downloads enabled for all players 
  • Oct 6-9: Early Access window (triggers Oct 6 at 9am CEST) 
  • Oct 8-9: Open Availability (triggers Oct 8 at 9am CEST) 
  • Oct 10, 9am CEST: Sunset

The series of Battlefield Briefing blogs also continues today, with a new Progression and Cosmetics developer blog now live on the game’s official website. This post dives into Battlefield 2042’s progression system, the return of Ribbons and other features like Mastery and the Player Card, cross progression and cosmetic options for Specialists.