This Week on Stadia: New Pro games, Watch Dogs Legion free content, and cross-play support for Destiny 2

On Sept. 1, three games will be added to the 20+ title library of Stadia Pro - Darksiders 2 (launching new on Stadia), Little Big Workshop, and Wave Break. Plus, free content is now available to all Watch Dogs: Legion players, including the Legion of the Dead mode - and Destiny 2 now has cross-play alongside the launch of the Season of the Lost.

Cross-Play support for Destiny 2

In their Destiny 2 Showcase, Bungie revealed full cross-play support and kicked off the new Season of the Lost. 

New September games for Stadia Pro library

Three additions on Sept. 1 - Darksiders 2 is launching on Stadia and claimable within Pro, alongside Little Big Workshop and Wave Break

Final chance - August 31 is the last day readers can claim Gunsport, Blue Fire, and Chronos: Before the Ashes within Stadia Pro - but they can play these games for as long as they maintain their subscription!

Free content for Watch Dogs: Legion + Legion of the Dead

Game owners can now play two new Story Missions, two free PvP modes (Extraction & Invasion) and try the single-player Resistance Mode.

A new free co-op mode is available now with Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead. Team up with up to 3 friends and get out of a Zombie-infested London. 

In addition - We’re in the process of rolling out the Explore feed to users, a new tab within Stadia on mobile that allows players to view game captures, game states with State Share, as well as trending games. The Explore feed integrates with existing parental content controls and is coming soon to web.