This Week on Stadia: MADDEN NFL 22, HUMANKIND, & Young Souls exclusive

MADDEN NFL 22, HUMANKIND (with direct touch and State Share) and First on Stadia action RPG Young Souls launch this week, as revealed within Stadia’s weekly blog post! Plus, for the fourth week straight - a new game is available free this weekend for Pro subscribers to play with The Elder Scrolls Online.

Four games, from AAA to an exclusive, First on Stadia title

HUMANKIND ($49.99 USD) - Available now from SEGA, a new IP and 4X strategy game with exclusive integrations of features like direct touch, creating a custom mobile touchscreen to control the game - and State Share to compete against your friends. 

More info on these unique integrations within our reveal post.

Young Souls ($24.99 USD) - Available First on Stadia, a narrative RPG with intense combat and a unique, animated art direction. 

MADDEN NFL 22 ($59.99 USD) - Launches Friday, Aug. 20 from EA Sports, delivering a new installment for the football franchise.

Marvel’s Avengers - Black Panther Expansion (FREE) - This free expansion from Square Enix to Marvel’s Avengers brings Blank Panther, the Wakanda environment, two villains, and new challenges to explore. Play it instantly on Stadia.

Stadia Pro Bonuses

Free Play Days: For the fourth consecutive weekend in a row, we’ve kicked off a free play weekend! This time, Stadia Pro subscribers can play The Elder Scrolls Online for free from Aug. 17 at 7AM PT to Aug. 30 at 7AM PT.

Last three weekends featured Rainbow Six Siege, Far Cry 5, Marvel’s Avengers, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

YT Premium subscribers get Stadia Pro: YouTube is now offering 3 months of Stadia Pro to YouTube Premium subscribers, as long as they’re new Stadia users. More info.