Centipede: Recharged Revealed, Glows Up the Arcade Classic Sept. 29

Centipede: Recharged, the neon-fueled re-imagining of the arcade classic from publisher Atari in collaboration with developers Adamvision Studios and SneakyBox Studios, is revealed today and releases on Wednesday, September 29.  

Sleek graphics, nostalgia, and time-tested gameplay will come to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox Series X|S and One, Steam as well as Epic Games Store for Windows PC, in addition to Atari VCS with exclusive content. 

Return to an age of retro bug-blasting action with a beloved classic enhanced with a simple yet stylish design, new gameplay features like two player simultaneous co-op, and an 80’s inspired electronic soundtrack from award-winning composer Megan McDuffee. Lock and load with multiple new power-ups, including exploding bullets and devastating railgun blasts, and tackle more than 20 Challenges, with exclusive ones on Atari VCS.