A Stadia community initiative to #RateStadiaGames on #Metacritic

Please take a moment to watch the video below and read the infographic. Cloud gaming and Stadia in general is still often misunderstood, misrepresented or simply ignored by large parts of the public, the gaming press and developers. The reasons for this are usually assumed to be associated with small player bases and allegedly worse gaming experience compared to traditional gaming platforms.

Today, I want to take a proactive step to address this dilemma:

The website metacritic.com represents one of the world's largest rating databases for movies, music and games. It even features a separate rating scheme for games that are playable on Google’s cloud streaming service Stadia. Unfortunately, only a fraction of these Stadia games have been reviewed by critics or rated by users.

Together with you, the Stadia community, I'd like to get every single Stadia game on Metacritic rated with a User Score. To date, there are approximately 130 Stadia games in the database that do not have a User Score yet. Since at least 4 user ratings are required per game in order to create an averaged User Score.

Don't rate the games better than they are.
Don't rate them worse either.
Just. Be. Honest.

Let's give the world an objective, analytical and data-driven insight into our experience with games on Stadia.

Want to help #RateStadiaGames on #metacritic? Login or create an account & rate #Stadia games here: https://www.metacritic.com/browse/games/release-date/available/stadia/name

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