CO/GAMER Review: Super Smash Bros Demo Nintendo 3DS

By Jon Scarr

     Super Smash Bros., developed by Nintendo has seen success in its past three incarnations.  The game series features lead Nintendo characters pitted against each other, with each using their unique abilities in battle. The latest entry in the series, scheduled for release this fall on the 3DS builds upon previous games and offers a fresh experience.

     The 3DS demo of Super Smash Bros. features five playable characters all with different costumes.  The first and most notable character, Mario, is playable in four separate costumes.   His standard blue overalls and red shirt, in his Fire Mario costume of red and white, Ice Mario in blue and purple, and Wario Mario dressed in Wario’s colours purple and yellow. The second playable character is Link, in his traditional green outfit as well as unique alternates including red, blue, and purple.  The third playable character is Pikachu with alternate costumes include Pikachu with Ash’s hat, Pikachu with a green bandana, and finally Pikachu with goggles. The next playable character is Mega Man.  Of course you can play in his fan favourite blue suit; but other choices include red, green and brown.  Finally, the last character in the 3DS demo is a recent addition, the Villager from Animal Crossing with two boy and two girl variations.

Playable characters come October 3rd.

     The bad news, the demo has only one playable level, the “Battle Field”.  The good news, when you pick up Super Smash Bros., you get twenty-seven playable levels including Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis to Rainbow Road from the beloved Mario Kart series.

     Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS certainly has many options and modes to choose from. The start screen gives the player four options Smash, Games & More, Wii U, and Street Pass.  In Smash mode, you test your skills in classic Smash Bros style by challenging near by players or the CPU.  The fun continues online with other players through the Nintendo network, a true challenge allowing you to win prizes, and Smash Run where you collect boosts in a vast labyrinth to prepare for an epic final battle. Games & More provides an opportunity for solo and group games along with training, custom fighters, the vault, and more. Within Wii U you will connect to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Finally Street Pass, the latest option provides you an intense street smash of epic proportions! You will defeat your rivals and win prizes.

     The demo allows you to select either Smash or Games & More modes. Choosing Smash mode prompts you to then select either Solo or Group.  Solo allows you to play against AI opponents whereas group mode allows you to play against people near by who have their own copy of the game. The rules option, which is locked in the demo, allows for the player to change the settings to customize the battle.  After selecting Solo you are brought to the character select screen where you can choose from one of the five playable characters.  The default setting is you plus two CPU players; however you can add a third if you wish. It is here where you can select alternate costumes for your character and CPU opponents. When all the characters are selected you are “Ready to Fight”.  Simply select the only playable stage in the game and your ready for some intense fun.

Some of the many gameplay modes offered in Super Smash Bros.

     Group plays allows you the player to host a game or if someone is near by (same proximity as street pass) join their game seamlessly. If the other player is in the middle of a game you can easily join their game select your character and jump right in.  Nintendo has added an unique feature to this game; when both players are choosing their characters, if one selects their character they can then select the level and proceed to training while waiting for the other player to select their character. This gives you time to practice your moves while waiting. It is my opinion that this is the mode where Super Smash Bros really shines. My son and I picked up Super Smash Bros, and started playing immediately.  We spent countless hours battling against each other with no issues whatsoever. Both of us agreed that the game never got stale or boring as each time we battled we discovered new power ups and moves for each of the five characters.

     Games & More option allows the player to choose from solo, group, and vault.  In solo you take on a more classic mode, getting a chance to play some mini games or train your characters.  Group is the same as described earlier. Custom allows you to create mii fighters or customize existing characters. Vault provides a mode where you as the player can check out trophies, replays, music, records, or read tips. From all these options only tips are unlocked for the demo. Tips address moves, purpose of objects, and specific strategies for each stage.

Mario getting ready for battle!

     Super Smash Bros. is known for its deep action packed gameplay and the 3DS incarnation lives up to its predecessors. The controls are easy to learn so you can start winning. Using the A Button will perform standard attacks. Holding the Circle Pad in any direction and pressing the A Button, will allow your fighter to perform a strong attack in that direction. A quick flicking of the Circle Pad in any direction while simultaneously pressing the A Button, and your fighter will perform a smash attack that can launch any enemies into the air. It’s interesting to find that you can easily control the direction in which you launch opponents. A flick to the side to unleash a side smash attack will launch an enemy horizontally while a flick up will do the opposite, sending your opponent vertically. The B Button has four unique special moves: standard, up, side, and down--each determined by your input on the Circle Pad. Pressing and holding the R Button will create a shield that protects you from attacks. However, the shield grows smaller when it's deployed and is hit with attacks, and it'll eventually break apart. If a character's shield breaks, he or she will become temporarily dizzy and unable to move. Flicking the Circle Pad while your shield is deployed, you'll dodge in the direction you flicked. When dodging, your fighter becomes invulnerable for a brief moment, so it's a good way to avoid enemy attacks, and may even be able to get behind your opponent to counterattack. Grab your opponents by using the L Button or, when your shield is deployed, the A Button. You can then throw your opponent using the Circle Pad, or perform attacks using the A Button. The D-pad acts as a taunt to your foes. For example when you are using Mario pressing up on the D-pad makes Mario grow, however you cannot move. Pressing left or right on the D-pad makes Mario flip around in a complete circle and drunkenly land on his butt. Pressing up on the Circle Pad, or pressing the X or Y buttons will allow your fighter to jump.

Be the first in line to get this game come October!

     What would a Smash Bros game be without weapons and power ups? This demo is filled with them including but not limited to a sword made up of Mario balls of fire, a Super Scope 6 gun, and POW blocks. Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS shines in the graphics and sound departments. The graphics are top notch and sport cell shaded characters. Although there is only one playable stage on the demo, it’s detailed and provides great atmosphere for the player.  The 3D effect is put to good use and provides depth of field to the player.   For the most part the power ups and special weapons play well with the 3D effects. Not to be outdone by other elements of the game, the sound quality on Super Smash Bros. is top notch, sporting a well-orchestrated soundtrack with clear and crisp sound effects and voice. 
     After spending an evening of playing this demo in both Solo and Group mode with my son, we are both convinced this is a must have 3DS title, not that a ten year old named Mario needs much convincing. Super Smash Bros. comes out October 3, 2014, don’t hesitate to pick this game up for you or your kids, or a copy for each.


  1. I have seen many live streams on this and have seen the demo. Even though the demo only has 5 characters and 1 stage you can still make it fun and practice by either raising the cpu level or play with any friend who has the demo. I would like to have the demo on my 3ds. My email is Thanks for reading this.

  2. Efrain thanks for your comment. Check your email for your lucky code!!

    1. I havent received an email at all do you think you typed the email correctly?


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