Meet the 4Scarrs Gaming Team

Jon Scarr: Editor-in-Chief

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Jon Scarr is a 30+ year veteran of the video game industry. He plays across a wide variety of platforms including Google Stadia, PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Luna, Atari VCS and Intellivision Amico. He also plays a wide variety of games from many different genres including action-adventure, RPG, sports, fps and more.

Twitter: 4Scarrs_Gaming
YouTube: 4Scarrs Gaming

 Carmelo Cianciotta: Reviewer 

Carmelo's love for video games was almost instant and they have been apart of his life since he can remember. Carmelo enjoys playing on multiple platforms, but his two favourites are Xbox and Stadia.

Twitter: Carmelo9313

Joe Rino: Teacher Gamer / Reviewer 

Joe plays games with a purpose! Since the good old SNES days Joe has loved gaming and taken it with him into his career as an Educator. Teaching Drama, a history of video games course, as well as writing reviews for fun makes for a great combination! Joe plays on PS5, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, and occasionally on GeForce NOW. 

Twitter: Improjoe
YouTube: ImproJoeGaming
Twitch: ImproJoe

Pier-Luc Allard (aka NinjaGuyX): Reviewer

Pier-Luc was born with a controller in his hands. He plays and loves any type of games and likes a good challenge. When he's not playing video games, he's usually either listening to video game music or looking up the latest news in the industry. Pier-Luc's main platforms are Nintendo, Sony and Google Stadia.

Twitter: NinjaGuyX
YouTube: NinjaGuyX

Ian Matties: Reviewer

Ian has been playing video games since he first got a Nintendo Entertainment System. He enjoys many games and systems, but always finds himself gravitating back to Nintendo systems and games. His current gaming consoles are Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, PC and soon an Xbox Series X. He enjoys games from a variety of genres including platformer, action-adventure, RPG and others. When he's not playing video games he also enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons as well as being musical with his bass guitar and ukulele.